poorlittlerichgirl (mary_mv2006) wrote in c0ntr0lisbeauty,

God has granted me a miracle

I woke up this morning discouraged and unmotivated and scared of today (i'm going college visiting and to a basketball game with my parents and boyfriend)

I'm totally motivated now though!! I just got on the scale and i brok 145!! I know weigh 144!! It's a miracle!

For today my aim is under 800 calories, even if i have to order food and not eat any of it. Pray for me guys, I won't be able to get on the computer after this all day long.

I can do it, yes i can. I will be 130 i will be 130 i will be 130. I do not want food, i do not want food, i do not want food. Gonna read Wasted all morning and Cosmo all night.
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