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I'm so exhausted right now. I exercised a LOT today. I burnt about 690 calories at the gym, and I had a dance class, and at 7:00 I'm going back to the gym for a 30 minute pilates class. My intake for the day was right at about 1,800. It sucks, I'm aware. It's all because of some stupid cadbury mini eggs (210) and a couple girl scout cookies (150)I would have been at 1500 had I not eaten those, and I really wish I hadn't. Good news is, I was at 142 this morning. (Yay me!) God knows how long that will last.

I bought some new diet pills today, they're called Leptopril, it says they're for significantly overweight people, like 20 pounds. I hope they work!! I know they're like a knockoff of that Leptoprin stuff that you see in the TV commercials. Any experience with them?

Plan for Tomorrow-

Workout-6:00 a.m. 20 minutes elliptical, 20 minutes stationary bike, 100 sit-ups.

Breakfast-Weight Control Oatmeal with granola (200), light n fit peach yogurt (45), 1/4 cup cottage cheese (45), coffee (10), total-300

Mid-Morning Snack-Whole Grain Fig Newton Bar-130

Lunch-PBJ (200), grapes (60), sugar-free pudding (60), applesauce (40). Total-360

Snack- 1 cup Breyers cal smart ice cream (140)

Dinner-who knows? I'm going to a concert with a group of friends, and I'm thinking about packing dinner in my lunchbox, or maybe just not eating since we'll be drinking. It needs to stay under 500 calories for the rest of the night, because my day up until my afternoon snack will be around 930 calories.

Which do you guys think is better, exercising a lot and eating a little more to keep up your energy, or eating like, hardly anything and not exercising much because you have no energy? Right now I'm eating for energy and working out a ton, cause I like how I feel afterwards, but am I sacrificing losing weight??
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