poorlittlerichgirl (mary_mv2006) wrote in c0ntr0lisbeauty,

Okay, I want to get a lot done today with my diet, because I have the whole day free. (President's Day is really such a great holiday lol)

I woke slept a good amount last night, so I've decided that I want to be 142 tomorrow, which is the number that it says on my driver's license. (The number that I lied about.)

Plan for Today:

Breakfast-Weight Control Oatmeal, Cinnamon (160 cals), a sprinkling of granola (30 cals), hot tea with a little skim and 3 splenda (10 cals).

10:30-Go to the gym, 20 min elliptical, 20 min bike, 10 minutes stairclimber, 100 situps.

Lunch-Turkey wrap from subway, no cheese.

3:45-practice until 5

5-6: Go to the gym again, exact workout again.

6: Dinner-none

7-8: Tap and Pointe classes.

8-10: homework, and chill out time.

With a schedule like that, I can definately be 142 in the morning. I'm at 143 right now. Wish me luck guys.

I hope you're all as motivated as I am, think thin.
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