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HONESTLY.....I've been doing terribly....I swear ever since Valentine's Day, it's been like a non stop bingefest. We've had family here visiting since Tuesday, so we've gone out to dinner/ordered take out...a lot. I've been eating SO much for the past 5 days but surprisingly, I didn't gain much...checked earlier on & I was about 147....so I've only gained like 4 pounds cuz I really didn't lose much at all last week. Anyways I've satisfied all of my food needs for the week definitely & I really just want to cleanse my body from all this food. I also booked time off work for my spring break, so for sure I am going away for half of it (March 15th-20th) & I really want to lose at least 10 pounds by then....I have to.

Anyways, I'm starting a fast tomorrow for sure. I'm gonna make it a Monday to Friday fast at least (February 20th - 25th) but if I can go longer, I plan to. My #1 goal this week is to NOT DRINK POP....honestly....I just want to stop drinking it altogether. I'm limiting myself to water, tea, low-cal hot chocolate, & maybe some juice or treat myself with cappucino once or twice this week. I'm making this a 300cals/day MAX. (preferably less) liquid fast. I was gonna start back at the gym this week, but they aren't renewing the membership until March 1st. I am gonna try & do at least 30 minutes on the exercise bike 3 times this week....& also I'm gonna do a bunch of different ab workouts & strength training & whatnot. I have the whole week off work, so I need to stop being a lazy bitch & actually use my time after school wisely.....

I would really love to have someone do this with me....someone who is on pretty often so we can discuss progress & all that. I have to go to work soon, but when I get home tonight I really want to lay out a simple, easy to stick to workout plan for this week.....SUGGESTONS ALWAYS WELCOME !!!
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