poorlittlerichgirl (mary_mv2006) wrote in c0ntr0lisbeauty,

I had the scariest night last night. I was hanging out with my boyfriend, we went out to dinner at Lonestar, which was just a horrible idea. I had a salad with ranch(regular, ew i know) and a sweet potato, and like, 5 sweet rolls. We went back to his house for a little while. Before I knew it I had this stabbing wrenchig pain in my lower stomach, and I was throwing up in his bathroom. I was literally lying on his bathroom floor shaking, and i was white as a ghost. I couldn't even get up for like, half an hour, and then I had him take me home and I fell straight to sleep. The only good part of it is that had I not thrown up I definatley would have gained weight from all that food. I was trying to think of a way to purge it anyways without him hearing me. so today, I'm at 143 again, tomorrow hopefully that will be 142. Any ideas as to why this happened would be greatly appreciated, I mean, I was seriously considering calling 911 or something.
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