poorlittlerichgirl (mary_mv2006) wrote in c0ntr0lisbeauty,

I need energy!

Today was not good!! i ate a whole chicken fajita rollup with french fries and a piece of fazoli's cheesecake for lunch however, i felt so bad about it, that i purged all of it, and then i just felt completely weak and gross at practice. I just feel dead right now, i need more energy. I'll probably eat an all bran bar or a slimfast bar and some fruit and milk before the basketball game tonight.

Here's my question: I need energy all throughout the day tomorrow. I have a dance competition, and I'm just going to be up and running around all day long, so I need to eat small things throughout the whole day, and avoid the concessions they'll have, cause they'll have a lot. Any suggestions? I'm thinking like, fruit, all-bran bars, light n fit yogurt, special k snack packs, water, a little low-fat cheese I'd really appreciate any ideas you guys have!!
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