poorlittlerichgirl (mary_mv2006) wrote in c0ntr0lisbeauty,

new plan for the next ten pounds

I've figured something out: I always binge in the evenings!! Always, always, always. And why should I do that? My metabolism is wayyy higher in the morning! so from now on, im always gonna eat breakfast. Then maybe, just maybe it will be way easier to skip lunch and dinner. Plus, I always weight myself in the morning, so if i eat in the morning after weighing and not at night, the scale will show me less. Lots of water today, I have practice after school, and then I'm going to go to the gym! I was 144 yesterday morning, and I totally went back up to 145 this morning, inevitably due to the 1080 calories I consumed yesterday. I have no will power, but I'm going to make up for it.

After seeing this other girl's pictures of her thinspiration journal, which was sooo cute, my project for tonight is to do a way cuter one. I just got the sports illustrated swimsuit....best thinspiration ever.....and I'm going to totally redo my thinspo book to make it full of mary kate, lindsay, nicole, sienna, kate moss, and swimsuit models.

Tomorrow, my goal is 143. Think I can do it? I sure hope I can. Hope you ladies all have a good day! Think thin!
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